front of a house with fresh exterior paint

paint brushes and paint buckets with color swatches

front of a house with new exterior paint

Big City Construction Co offers a full range of renovations for new and old homeowners. We are a professional construction company prepared to take on any exterior home painting services. Our exterior painting includes clean, straight lines with architectural detail. Our paint specialists are thorough and use professional techniques to ensure clean lines and no drips.

We start all of our exterior paint jobs the right way. Big City Construction Company works with your vision to help you choose the correct color and color scheme before starting any work. Next, we start with a clean surface and do a great preparation before the primers and paints are applied. Our experts know the varieties of deteriorations that homes experience because we have done countless jobs. Additionally, we properly paint and protect your home. We use a combination of priming and finish paints, with the right number of coats, to protect your home from deterioration down the road. We only apply the best products available for your home’s specific needs.

Our process includes setting up a tidy work area, setting up tarps to catch any falling debris, washing home exteriors as necessary to remove dirt, prime the exterior for good adhesion and lastly, applying several coats to transform your beautiful home. No job is ever too big or small for Big City Construction Co. From bathroom and kitchen remodels to home repairs, we do it all.

Paint Special Exterior = 2500 for single story - 1000 SqFt. all materials and two colors