Grab bars in a bathroom We are a full service home modification company. We are a Certified Age in Place Specialist, CAPS business certified by the National Association of Home Builders. We specialize in home modifications for families with various health needs.

Grab bars in a bathroom Grab bars are one way to help with accessibility issues throughout the home. Whether it be in the bathroom or the entryway to the home, grab bar installation is a home modification well worth the investment of piece of mind.

Grab bars in a bathroom With our aging population, family members with progressive conditioned-based needs, and traumatic change needs are segments in our community that has spurred the development of Universal Design over the years. Home builders, architects, product developers and alike have all contributed to the expansion of Universal Design to serve its purpose as a, "broad-spectrum solution that meets a wide range of consumers' needs and aesthetic preferences." says the National Association of Home Builders.

Our Process

Upon arrival we will assess the situation and offer our free consultation to find the most feasible solution for all parties involved. As with any project we respect your time and home. Feel confident that professionals will arrive to do the job properly and to the specifications set forth by the National Association of Home Builders.

Owner, Ray Peña, is a Certified Age in Place Specialist. is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. With an A+ rating for the last three years and zero complaints.

Call us today at, 281-702-8186, to schedule a free consultation about grab bar installation or home modifications in general. We work for your safety and peace of mind at home.

This bathroom modification was designed to help with gurney entrance into the shower area. The shower floor was reinforced, structurally to support new tiled area, a "roll-over" curb was built to prevent water from leaving shower area as well as prevent gurney from rolling out of shower area. This project was designed for a family with progressive conditioned-based needs.

Grab bars in a bathroom This particular installation required the use of a special wall anchor since we were not able to install directly to the wall stud. Wingits are specifically design for installations where the grab bar cannot be attached directly to the stud wall.

Bathroom update with the addition of grab bars to ease entry to new shower area.The use of a single handle shower fixture, with a build-in thermostatic valve, to prevent scalding was also installed to aid in ease of use. We later installed a hand held shower head to assist in bathing.

This job was referred to us by one of our partners in home health. We worked with an occupational therapist to install the grab bars specifically where she determined would benefit the client.

This was a complete bathroom remodel. from the floor to the ceiling. This family was not in urgent need for grab bars, however planning for the future. Since they planned to live in this house the remainder of their lives these additions were included in the overall remodel.