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ADA showers are wheelchair accessible shower stalls. They are handicapped accessible for wheelchairs and for people of all abilities. ADA showers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are designed for wheelchairs to be rolled into them. Big City Construction Co offers a variety of commercial ADA shower stalls for residential projects. Our ADA Showers allow disabled individuals a safe and comfortable bathing experience. Our ADA shower stalls meet the ADA bathroom accessibility and safety guidelines. This includes the standards for size and shower pan clearance.

ADA shower stalls are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We offer our clients one-piece showers and multipiece accessible showers. ADA showers include grab bars and built-in or fold up seats. An individual in a wheelchair is able to roll into the shower, adjust the temperature controls and use the grab bars to maneuver around the shower. ADA showers include a hand shower that can be used by someone who is seated or standing.

Our handicap accessible showers are constructed for the varying demands of disabled individuals. We work with our clients to construct a customized bathroom remodel specific to the needs of the individual. We use the latest ADA-compliant technology complete our bathroom remodels. Contact us today for more information regarding our ADA bathroom remodels.