modern bathroom with porcelain flooring

Porcelain flooring being laid

porcelain flooring in a bathroom

There are three main types of porcelain tile. This includes glazed porcelain tile, Color-Care Tile and Tru-Color porcelain tile. Big City Construction Co offers a variety of tile selection to alleviate any confusion of which tile is best for you and your home.

Big City Construction Co offers a free estimate on all flooring installations. We do an initial assessment of your home to plan a tile layout installation. This is important in order to keep your tiles centered and balanced. We use the highest technology in bonding materials and tools for any tile installation.

Following our installation, we do a final grout rinse to leave the surface free of grout haze. We work with our clients to help maintain their floors and thoroughly clean them. We do not recommend abrasive cleaners or brushes with hard bristles. Most household cleaners are suggested for common stains.

Is porcelain flooring for you? We work with our clients to provide efficient remodels with functional flooring based on the varying needs of different individuals. Contact Big City Construction today for more information regarding our porcelain flooring installations.