natural stone flooring and around a bathtub

natural stone floor

natural stone flooring in a bathroom

Big City Construction Co installs a variety of different types of flooring. Natural stone flooring can be a great addition to can kitchen or bathroom remodel. We work with our clients to install custom flooring that fits their home’s need and their personal lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about our natural stone flooring installations.

Is natural stone flooring the right material for you?

Natural Stone Flooring is a great option for those looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom. Natural stone flooring provides a wide variety of benefits for your home. This includes a natural aesthetic appearance, durability and functionality. Wet areas, such as bathrooms, are great spaces for natural stone flooring. In addition, natural stone tiling in the kitchen is a great way to prevent your floor from wear and tear.

How to care for your natural stone floors

Natural stone flooring requires different maintenance than traditional natural stone flooring. Prior to applying any solution on your floors, sweep and dust your floors. Dust and dirt can scratch the surface of stone. Natural stone floors should be vacuumed and dust mopped frequently to remove any dirt. Natural stone flooring can be cleaned with neutral cleaners that DO NOT contain acid or bleach. Acidic and bleach solutions can etch and damage the surface of the stone.